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Photo Credit & Acknowledgement

○ Former Executives and Club Supporters:

Yayo Umetsubo, Pinar Colak, Sanghee Park, Kamil Amir, Farah Aziz, Mai Takei, Yasuko Sawahata, Su-young Jenna Ryu, Hyung Bin Ihm, Margot Lachenmaier, Rosemary Zhang, Farah Zaini, Alex Yang, etc.

○ Photographers:

Current and former executives, as well as event participants, took so many pictures during the events. All the pictures on this website come from our events and gatherings with our members and guests (cooks/hosts). Here is a list of people who took photos and photoshopped them.

Yayo Umetsubo
Pinar Colak
Farah Aziz
Sanghee Park
Barbara Kowalski – (Lithuania Cooking Event)

○ Web & Online Magazine Designer & Writer:

Yayo Umetsubo

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