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What Makes Us Unique

Our cooking events differ from other cooking clubs because when we make food from particular nation, we have people from that nation teaching us how to make their food. For example, one of our Malaysian members may teach us Malaysian cooking.

Furthermore, although we sometimes use the Internet to research recipes, we also rely on people in our club to give us their personal input on these recipes. For example, a number of traditional and regional recipes are not translated into English, nor are the ingredients easy to find. Members from different nations help us to find the best recipes and right ingredients to cook with. Sometimes even brings their parents; many mothers are inventive cooks and use anything that they find at grocery stores or in the fridge. We greatly benefit from their experience.

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With many students’ cooperation, the UTDinner has held over 50 events within two years and has tried foods from 28 different countries and the event participants have learned various recipes, cooking styles, and different cultures from around the world and have met other students from different ages, countries, and regions. This website is created to convey our surprise and discovery of the fantastic tastes, smells, and visual culinary pleasures of multicultural cooking.

-- Yayo Umetsubo (President 2011-2012)

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