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As executives, our mission is to create a fun and comfortable environment for all members!

1) Do you want to host an event as a cook?

If so, please follow these four steps:

STEP 1 : Let us know the date, time, and menu (generally four dishes) for 10-13 participants, according to your schedule.
--> We will post your information on this website and also circulate it on the club’s listserv

STEP 2 : Let us go grocery shopping with you before the event or go yourself and provide us with all the receipts in exchange for the cost of the food. There is no participation fee for the host.

STEP 3 : Hold the event in a kitchen we have booked or your own place.

STEP4 : Please provide us with the recipes that you will use if possible.

* Please note that you do not need to cook everything, but please encourage participants to cook. Your task is more supervisory and the club executives will help you instruct the participants.


2) Can you find a free large kitchen near St. George campus?

Currently, our biggest challenge is that we do not have a free large (residence) kitchen, where more than 15 people can cook for each other. We need such a large space where we can spend more than four hours for an event. Ideally, the location should be close to St. George Campus.


3) Do you want to develop your leadership skills?

To administer this club, a high level of leadership skills is required. A student host or hosts are teaching four to five different dishes to many participants. Therefore, in the kitchen, executives need to keep everyone on task with cooking, washing, or cleaning, keeping the cooking space safe and comfortable, taking pictures of the process and outcome, etc….


Do you want to develop your Communication and Interpersonal skills?

To organise an event, we need to find cooks. To meet people from differ> ent backgrounds, it is a good idea to attend events organised by the Centre for International Experience, “Dinner with 12 Strangers” organised by U of T Alumni, and various workshops on and off campus.

If you are interested in becoming an executive of this club,

• Please read the past constitution (pdf).
• Visit the Ulife website to obtain Group Recognition.
--> Ulife also offers a number of workshops to develop your leadership skills!
• Visit the website of the University of Toronto Students' Union and read Club policy and Clubs Forms.
--> U.T.S.U. will support student clubs financially if you submit a strong application!  

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