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Koshary (Vegetarian Dish)
Shish Tawook
 (Marinated Chicken)
 (Egyptian Soup
 made with Chicken)
Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice
Baba Ghannoug (Salad)
Baklawa (Dessert)

Baladi (Egyptian Salad)
Shish Kabob (or Kafta)
Mesakaa (Vegetarian dish)
 (Egyptian rice
 with different nuts)
Basbousa (Dessert)


(1) September 24, 2011
(2) May 25, 2012

About Egyptian Cooking

Let’s learn delicious and healthy vegetarian foods with nuts and beans from Egyptians who have used an amazing abundance of a variety of legumes and vegetables grown in fertile Nile Valley and Delta. Their choices of spices create the depth in flavour and taste and make fresh ingredients more delicious.

Lots of vegetables - Egyptians Cooking Event Part2

The Egyptian culinary creativity and diversity have been developed not only by the domestic history that the rich Egyptians were only able to afford having meats, which were expensive, while the poor had vegetables, beans, fruit, and fish, but also by the history with other cultures through foreign trade and occupation. Despite a number of cultural differences, the countries in the Middle East and Greece share many traditional dishes, which have evolved differently in each nation as well as at home. Grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat is one well-known example. We made a vegetarian version of Wara’ Enab (stuffed grape leaves with rice) with lots of chopped parsleys. Baklava is another example. The dessert satisfies a sweet tooth and nuts lovers. Finding some twists in Middle Eastern areas among similar dishes is intriguing, isn’t it?


Here is my online magazine from the second Egyptian Cooking Event:

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