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Koshary (Vegetarian Dish)
Shish Tawook
 (Marinated Chicken)
 (Egyptian Soup
 made with Chicken)
Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice
Baba Ghannoug (Salad)
Baklawa (Dessert)

Baladi (Egyptian Salad)
Shish Kabob (or Kafta)
Mesakaa (Vegetarian dish)
 (Egyptian rice
 with different nuts)
Basbousa (Dessert)


(1) September 24, 2011
(2) May 25, 2012

Koshary (Vegetarian Dish)


Koshary is a popular Egyptian street, restaurant, and home food. You would like to have street vendors to sell it on St. George Street. The traditional Egyptian dish is a mixture of pasta, rice, lentils, chickpeas, deeply fried sliced onion, and tomato sauce. Can you imagine how Koshary would taste like even though you know the taste of the individual ingredients? You will discover that the combination matches harmoniously and can eat it everyday without feeling bored. Koshary is easy to make and tastes really GOOD. The tomato sauce with paprika, black pepper, coriander, sumac, cumin, and all-spice enhances the taste of other ingredients.

Koshary's ingredients

I met the host Nahla, a PhD candidate at U of T, in one of the workshops organised by Mitacs. She told me that one of her dreams was to open an Egyptian restaurant and that she loved healthy Egyptian foods. This comment made me believe that she was a good cook!

Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice & Marinated Chicken
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