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 • Fruta con limon y chile
 &  Churros
Main Dish
 • Enchildas de Mole Rojo
 ---- Tortilla
 • Arroz con leche
 • Agua de horchata

 • Guacamole
Main Dish
 • Tortilla soup & Pollo Pibil
 • Flan Napolitano
 • Hoja jamaica seca


(1) February 10, 2012
(2) April 27, 2012

Mexican Cooking Events

The UTDinner was very lucky to have twice held Mexican cooking events!: the first was offered by Rudy, an undergraduate student in Psychology on February 10, 2012, and the second was by Andrés, a PhD candidate in Physics. Both of them offered amazing journeys of the different flavours and textures of Mexican food.

It was new (at least for me in particular) to learn how to make homemade tortillas and to use black mole (in the first event) and how to use banana leaves for Pollo Pibil (in the second event). The pictures and some recipes are available by clicking on each dish on the yellow sidebar.

If you are interested in the online magazine version of the second event, see below.

You might wonder why Mexican cuisine is so good. If you want to know more about Mexican food after visiting our website, check the “Mexican cuisine” article on Wikipedia, which Andrés found to be pretty good and extensive. He also told me about UNESCO’s site, which shows a concise and informative article, “Traditional Mexican cuisine - ancestral, ongoing community culture, the Michoacán paradigm,” with several beautiful pictures in its Intangible Heritage: 2003 Convention. According to the article, traditional Mexican cuisine is regarded as “a comprehensive cultural model comprising farming, ritual practices, age-old skills, culinary techniques and ancestral community customs and manners.”

Here is the youtube video made by UNESCO TV.

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