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Foods for Beautiful Skin - Luo Han Guo Cha (Tea)

This tea was very delicious! It seems to have medical efficacy, but it does not taste like medicine.

Luo Han Guo Tea

According to Dr Geiger’s The Sweet Smell of Success: Health & Wealth Secrets,

“Luo han guo is a fruit of the vine grown on mountain slopes in the south-western Chinese province of Hunan. Traditionally, luo han guo has been suggested as an antitussive for cough and a cooling drink for quenching thirst and heat stroke. Anecdotally, people have noted increased energy after drinking the juice. […] The luo han guo fruit is rich in fibre, amino acids, manganese, and vitamin K. Luo han guo has a low glycemic index but is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar due to the presence of mogrosides, a group of triterpene glycosides. It is an effective sugar substitute and has been utilized traditionally for diabetes and weight management.”

"Luo Han Guo Tea

Dr. James L. Geiger, The Sweet Smell of Success: Health & Wealth Secrets. (Scottsdale: Lifesuccess Publishing, 2009)

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