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Chinese Cooking - Dumplings

China is a large country and offers diverse food cultures. For the first cooking event on September 30, 2010, we had a student from the Northeast (Chengde) and a student from the Southeast.

chinese dumplings

Alex is from southern China and he told me an interesting story about Chinese food: both noodles and dumplings are staples in Northern China while rice is a staple in Southern China. In other words, “Chinese in the South usually eat rice plus several dishes, and if we eat dumplings, it counts as one of the dishes. However, Chinese in the North eat dumplings as a main dish, not as one of the side dishes. We rarely make dumplings by ourselves, but get them at grocery stores. Chinese in the North usually make them by themselves and are very proud of their good dumplings. Noodles can be made of ground rice or wheat flour. Chinese in the North prefer using wheat flour while Chinese in the South prefer using ground rice.”

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