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Chinese Cooking Events

Thanks to Alex, who came from China in 2010 and graduated from U of T with the MUD (Master of Urban Design) in 2012, our Chinese cooking events became special.

Alex's Chinese Dihes

China has a long history concerning the relationship between health and food that has been well researched. According to Alex, Chinese medical research focuses on 阴 (cold), 阳 (hot), 虚 (weak), 五脏 (the five internal organs: heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys), and 症状(symptoms). He explains that health is difficult to explain in this Chinese historical sense because the fact that people are not sick does not mean that they are healthy. Likewise, being a vegetarian does not necessarily make a person healthy. Here in North America, many people regard sugar-free foods as good, but they are against the Chinese theory of health. As those foods contain additives, a healthy balance will be compromised.

The Chinese regard people who are not sick, but not perfectly healthy, as "sub-healthy.” “Sub-healthy” people have several symptoms; for example, their skin is very oily and they have a lot of acne. This means that the person has a 火 (fire) in his/her body at least as long as the symptom lasts. And the symptom doesn't stand alone but pertains to sore throats, dry lips, short-tempered nature, etc. In this case, several herbs or foods, which are categorised in 阴 (cold), would help his/her body return to balance. Foods in阴 (cold) include beans, most fruits, seaweed, carrots, white radish, etc. On the other hand, if the person eats more of the foods categorised as 火 (hot), the symptoms would worsen. For example, chilli or pepper is one of the hottest foods. You can see how terrible people with acne look like after they have eaten a super spicy dinner.

Alex tells us that the Chinese stay healthy by keeping a balance in what they eat. People will become sub-healthy when the balance is not stable.

Alex's Chinese dish Alex's chinese dish

For the first event on September 30, 2010, we made famous traditional Chinese dishes. During the event held on August 21, 2011, from Alex, we learned Chinese dishes that can make your skin more beautiful.

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