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Let's make creative maki-zushi!

While I requested that French exchange students hold a French cooking event on March 11th, 2011, they asked me to hold a maki-zushi workshop. We made a deal. :D

In fact, because we had had a request to hold a maki-zushi (rolled sushi) workshop from many students, we held three workshops on April 19, 2011. Rather than adhering to the traditional Japanese style of maki-zushi, we explored the varieties and enjoyed the experience!

French and Japanese cooking traditions are different, and we had students/participants with different cultural backgrounds as well. Accordingly, the pictures show our adventurous creations. We created something interesting during the trial-and-error process and explored how far we could take new or aesthetic as well as tasty maki-sushi.

Creative Maki-zushi

In this event, participants brought anything that they wanted to roll while I suggested some specific ingredients to students who wanted to make specific sushi that they had had at restaurants in Toronto or somewhere else. However, because they had not bought the individual ingredients by themselves and had known only the finished product, interesting accidents happened.

  1. A student bought an eel rather than a grilled fillet of eel. We cut and cooked the eel, which was probably in the water at the seafood shop a couple hours before. This was my first time to cook it!

  2. A student bought farmed salmon fillets not for sashimi but for steak. So, we cooked the salmon.

  3. A group of French students wanted to buy capelin roe eggs to create the sushi that they had had at sushi restaurants before. But they could not find them and bought lumpfish caviar instead. They used lumpfish caviar with a spicy sauce (and cream cheese). 

Various ingredients for maki-zushi

We also tried how we could present maki-zushi in pretty ways. For the external decoration, we used white sesame, black sesame, dried purple perilla powder, different nuts, and cucumber. Surprisingly, everything was tasty!

Creative Maki-zushi Creative Maki-zushi Creative Maki-zushi Creative Maki-zushi Creative Maki-zushi Creative Maki-zushi Creative Maki-zushi

The photos below came from other workshops.

Korean students encouraged us to use kimuchi sautéd with sesami oil. The taste was really good!

Maki-zushi with Kimuchi Maki-zushi with Kimuchi

Using different ingredients for maki-zushi is fun!

Maki with Yellow Beans

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