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Let's Make Japanese Mother's Dishes

In Japan, each of the 47 different prefectures has unique food and tastes and is proud of their specialities. Although the differences are diverse, we commonly like certain types of food. Here, we introduce a number of pictures from the events where the executives of the UTDinner Club made Japanese dishes with the members.

One of the popular foods would be kinpira- gobo, which is a mixture of cut and sautéed edible burdocks and carrots.

Kinpira Gobo

We love ofukuro-no-aji, our mom’s home cooking, which includes a number of simmered foods. They are tasty as well as healthy.

Gomoku Daizu Shimmered Eggs

Goma-ae, boiled spinach with ground sesame, soy sauce, and sugar, is so delicious!

Goma ae-Spinach with sesami

O-sekihan is one of the Japanese dishes that best recalls our mothers because they often make it on ceremonial days and make us happy.

O-sekihan - red sticky rice

For more pictures, please visit “Popular Dishes” in the Galleries (Left sidebar).

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