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Other Popular Dishes

Okonomi-yaki, a kind of pancake, is very popular. Katsuo-bushi, dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna, plays a very important role in flavor and aesthetics. They are used to make dashi as well as a topping. Katsuo-bushi as a topping appear to dance on the top of the Okonomi-yaki.

Okonomi-yaki Okonomi-yaki

You may be familiar with teriyaki because teriyaki-chicken is well known. Home-made fried chicken is also popular, and you can find it everywhere at convenience stores, supermarkets, homes, and izakaya, cosy restaurants where they can have soy sauce-based traditional and home-made-like food.

Japanese Fried Chicken

Some people do not like using a lot of oil to fry them as their kitchens easily become oily and dirty while others struggle to make crispy tempura. But crispy tempura, which are fried vegetables (and/or seafood and meats), are very popular. Here, small cuts make eggplants look pretty.


Instead of flour, we sometimes use potato starch to fry vegetables with meats or seafood. This is partly because potato starch looks like snowflakes.

Lotus roots with pork

But if you have fried foods, you may wish to have refreshing side dishes. This is eggplant, which was cooked with dashi (Japanese soup or bouillon) and seasonings and cooled in a fridge.

Daigaku imo Cold Eggplants

Japanese people like having a number of different foods with various tastes at the same time. (Of course, each dish is tiny.) For example, not only soy-sauce based food, but also foods with vinegar, curry or mayonnaise.

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