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Why do you like sushi?

Because I had had so many requests to explain how to make makizushi, I made this online magazine from a workshop.

What is sushi?

The sushi that you have at many Japanese sushi restaurants or buy at super-markets in Toronto is mostly rolled sushi or vinegared rice with toppings. In fact, there are different types of sushi: nigiri-zushi, inari-zushi, maki-zushi, chirashi-zushi, oshi-zushi, temaki-zushi, etc. Western maki-zushi is a combination of Japanese maki-zushi (the action is rolling), oshi-zushi (pressing), and temaki-zushi (choosing your favourite toppings and wrapping them with rice by hand).


Inari-zushi Inari-zushi

For the authentic maki-zushi, do not press vinegared rice too hard. Youtube videos created by non-Japanese cooks show that they are pressing rice, but this is not recommended because rice should be soft and the air between the grains of rice is important for maki-zushi.

Traditional Maki-zushi

I remember you smiled whenever I said, “Treat sushi as if you treat a baby. Treat it gently and don’t press too hard.” Believe or not, Japanese chefs regard each grain of rice as important to create delicious sushi.

Here in Toronto, many often have maki-zushi and/or nigiri-zushi for lunch and dinner as take-out food or at casual restaurants. The price is reasonable for students. You don’t see this in Japan where there are varieties of foods. Japanese people have nigiri-zushi, which is made of fresh seafood, only occasionally for celebrations. The price is not often reasonable because the neta (topping) of nigiri-zushi includes fresh seafood, such as sweet shrimp (Pandalus borealis) and pacific bluefin tuna, instead of cheaper farmed seafood (e.g., farmed salmon). Sushi that you can eat in Japan is so delicious and you can eat a lot, but it is difficult to afford it every day. Also, sushi is a high calorie food and you cannot eat it too often. So, Japanese do not often eat maki-zushi and inari-zushi except for family or friend celebrations or events.

Because Japanese have varieties of food, they wonder why sushi is exclusively famous outside of the country. We would like to hear from you why the Japanese cuisine reminds you only of sushi and why you like sushi so much!

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