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Kazakh Flag


Manti (dumplings)
Kazakh Pilaf (Fried rice)
Kazakh Baursaki (timbits)

(2) Fundraizing Pastry Sale

Seledka pod shuboi (Russian salad borrowed by Kazakhs)
Manti (dumplings)
Kazakh Pilaf (Fried rice)


(1) May 27, 2011
(2) June 2, 2011
(3) February 4, 2012

Cooking Events with Kazakh Students

We had Kazakh Cooking Events twice on May 27, 2011 and February 4, 2012. This was because the club had requests to have delicious Manti (dumplings) and Kazakh Pilaf (Fried rice) once more. Kazakh manti may be larger than those in other countries that have various types of dumplings. Despite the large size, you will want to eat one after another because they are so delicious! Check the section on Manti for further information.

Manti - just before they were steamed

We had five Kazakh students in total from the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering for the two events and they taught us how to make popular Kazakh meals, which often consist of meat. Furthermore, one of the students made Baklava for our fundraising pastry sale.

A number of websites about Kazakh cuisine emphasize this practice as part of their nomadic roots, as horsemeat and mutton were essential for their food. As Kazakhstan is located between Russia and Uzbekistan, we can imagine the influence from other countries surrounding Kazakhstan. The hosts also teach us to cook seledka pod shuboi, one of the dishes that we made, was Russian salad borrowed by Kazakhs.

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