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Manti (dumplings)
Kazakh Pilaf (Fried rice)
Kazakh Baursaki (timbits)

(2) Fundraizing Pastry Sale

Seledka pod shuboi (Russian salad borrowed by Kazakhs)
Manti (dumplings)
Kazakh Pilaf (Fried rice)


(1) May 27, 2011
(2) June 2, 2011
(3) February 4, 2012


Homemade manti (dumplings) are addictive. You cannot imagine how a Kazakh student marvellously makes manti with a pole two meters long until you see it. Their technique is amazing to see.


Kazakh students told us that wives in Kazakhstan spread dough almost everyday and that many daughters also have the skill before they reach marriageable age. It is a skill that surprised us.

How to make Manti

The size of one dough ball was smaller than your face. With the long pole, one of the students rolled and spread it out to the edge of the table very quickly. She did not use a lot of flour, but the dough did not become sticky. The diameter of the circle was more than 1.2m. The thin, smooth, and soft dough was like a large scarf. She then cut it into a number of square pieces.

Other students joined in, wrapping fillings in square pieces. The texture of the dough was very delicate and the wrapping method makes each dumpling pretty. Kazakh students had a special steamer. This was also a must-see. For both the fillings and topping, we needed only very simple ingredients, such as onions, carrots, and ground beef. But the ingredients were turned into an a*m*a*z*i*n*g dish through her cooking technique. 

The image above presents the first event on May 27, 2011, while the image below shows the second event held on February, 2012.

How to make Manti-2
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