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Cooking Events with Asian Cuisines

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Asian Cuisines that we have cooked so far Kazakhstan China SouthKorea Japan Bangladesh Malaysia

We have had adventurous experiences with our cooking events, and this is particularly true with Asian foods.

At the Kazakh cooking events, the student cooks appeared to be chefs because they were so adept at spreading dough. At one of the two Korean cooking events, we hosted a Korean mother and tasted her homemade tofu. As you can imagine, it was very delicious. The taste and flavour stayed in your mouth, which made you happy. For one of the Chinese cooking events, we made Peking duck by preparing, washing and drying a featherless duck. At a Bangladeshi Cooking event, Masala Chai with lots of spices seemed a magical drink. Now I miss Malaysian dishes so much! To make delicious Malaysian foods, we needed a blender/mixer, which allowed us to add rich flavors to the sauces, and enhance flavours with pandanas leaves, or add delicate textures. How? Check the further information provided on this website.

○●○ Information about Grocery Stores ○●○
Here is a local store where you can get ingredients for Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dishes in Toronto:
Pat Mart Downtown: 675 Bloor St. W. Toronto
--> This is a grocery store owned by Koreans, but you can get Japanese products as well.

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