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• Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian Nudelsuppe
(German Noodle Soup)

(1) Non-vegetarian Jägerschnitzel
(Schnitzel with mushroom-cream-sauce)

(2) Vegetarian Käsespätzle

(3) Non-vegetarian Labskaus

• Vegetarian Potato-Cucumber-Salad



January 14, 2012

Hallo! German Dishes!

Fabian, a German student in the Department of Mathematics, taught us how to cook German dishes from different areas of his home country.

While traditional dishes, such as the appetizer, Nudelsuppe (German Noodle Soup) and Potato-Cucumber-Salad, are cooked all over Germany, other dishes come from different regions. Jägerschnitzel (Schnitzel with mushroom cream sauce is a traditional dish in Southeastern Germany, particularly in Bavaria, Käsespätzle (soft texture noodles with cheese) is from Southwestern Germany, particularly from Baden-Württemberg. Labskaus, which is a traditional sailors' dish made out of corned beef, beetroot, potatoes and pickles, is commonly cooked in Northern Germany, such as in Hamburg.

What a gorgeous plate!

German varieties Käsespätzle Jägerschnitzel Potato Salad Labskaus

Indeed, each region in Germany enjoys its own variations and specialties because the country adjoins other nations, such as France, Poland, Austria, and Switzerland. To take full advantage of having a German cook at our event, we tried three main (heavy) dishes. But, please note that Germans would not put everything on one plate and this was OUR SPECIALTY.

The method for making Käsespätzle was very unique. Check the section for further information.

Want to know more about German food? In accordance with my request, Fabian kindly found an English website for German food and its history. German Food Guide: http://www.germanfoodguide.com/cooking-regional.cfm

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