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The University of Toronto Dinner Club (UTDinner) are a club who gathers twice per month to cook and eat dinner together. Each time we meet, we make food from a different country. We focus on one nation around the world for an event by inviting students or alumni whose cultural origins meets the theme, and they teach us how to cook. The UTDinner Club encourages and invites students and alumni to share their cultural cooking styles and foods with our members.

Photo from our Nigerian Cooking Event

We also collaborate with the members of nation-based students associations: the Malaysian Students’ Association of the University of Toronto (MASAT), the Greek Students' Association at U of T, the African Students Association (ASA), the West Indian Student Association (WISA), and the Math Union. Members of these associations have generously shared their cooking knowledge with us.

The club was founded in summer 2010 and had over 250 members in the academic year of 2010 and 2011 and over 370 members in the academic year of 2011 and 2012. We are seeking new executives who can lead the club near St. George Campus with a free large kitchen. Please see the past constitution if you are interested in a position, and contact our former executives.

Cultural Diversity and Our Policy

The University of Toronto community is incredible diverse. (Go here to see the data) We think there is great value in experiencing and learning from this diversity.

To that end, the UTDinner Club embraces different cultures and respects religious restrictions of food and cooking styles, as well as customs, and ethical and personal choices of foods. Accordingly, before holding an event, the menu is posted and we do our best to accommodate your restrictions if you want to join.

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